• All Events takes care of the transport and assembly of the Festihuts

    • Thanks to their compact size, 16 Festihuts will fit on one trailer.
    • The Festihuts are assembled quickly with the result that All Events will be gone from your site in no time at all instead of getting under your staff’s feet.
  • Two keys, not to be lost!

    Each Festihut is delivered with two keys. For the most responsible of your crew ;-)


    The Festihut by All Events comes with all the comforts its occupants may need: (bunk) beds with a proper mattress and a fully insulated roof.

  • Room for four persons

    Okay, not spacious for a party, but still enough to accomodate a party of four!

    The large shutter in the Festihut only adds to the feeling of spaciousness.

    Each hut has four beds

    No crammed up situations: a person, a bed!

  • Comfort

    • Always installed at least 10 cm above ground (no risk of flooding)
    • Large shutters for plenty of light and fresh air
    • Power outlet
    • Interior and exterior lighting
    • Insulated roof
  • Safe

    • Safe and solid, burglar proof
    • Lockable door with 4 unique keys per Festihut XL
    • In accordance with European standard EN 13782



    • With a surface area of 22.5 m² there is plenty of room to accommodate 14 people.
    • The large shutters only adds to the feeling of spaciousness.
  • Festihut XL friendzone

    Optionally the Festihut XL can be equipped with a raised terrace of 25m² with accompanying Festitable (up to 12 seats). A sunny or rainy day, always a dry place to get together.

  • Convinced of our Festihuts?

    Like to find out more?
    Contact All Events on info@all-events.be.

    With more than 15 years’ experience in the sector, we can cater for all your needs.

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